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EduForum 2016

EduForum 2016 was a great success in Novemer 2016. It was the first international conference in Egypt that focused on the latest in educational research. EduForum 2016 aimed and participated in reforming the learning experience of students in Egypt by subjecting educators to different systematic learning techniques and applications.


EduForum 2016 had five themes as follow:

Innovation – Teaching Methodology – Teacher Education – ¬†Leadership –¬†Arabic

EduForum 2016 Speakers:

  • Larry Swartz

Instructor in literacy, University of Toronto, Canada.

  • Ted Purinton

Dean of the Graduate School of Education at the American University in Cairo, Egypt.

  • Rima Al Kurdi

Founder of Jana Leveled E-reading Program

  • Jake Maden

School Leader Fellowship with the Australian Council of Educational Leaders.

  • Chris Willikins

Director of Teacher Education, University of Leicester

  • Jason Stricker

Co-Founder and CEO of insight Education Group, USA.

  • Jason Culbertson

President of Insight Education Group, USA.

  • Keith Browne

Director of Professional Studies at the International School of Geneva.

  • Ghenwa Itani Malas

Lecturer in Education and Educational Leadership

  • Jari Lavonen

Professor of Physics and Chemistry Education Department of Teacher Education University of Helsinkl, Finland.