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EduForum is the first international educational conference in Egypt, that brings the latest in education to the heart of Cairo. This forum is the first opportunity for Egyptian educators and leaders to be exposed to new and latest experiences from the premium educational institutions and experts from all over the world.

EduForum I in 2016 was a great success; 450 educators and educational leaders attended from different governorates, from both public and private sectors. 12 international speakers from USA, Europe and Middle East were invited to deliver more than 20 sessions on different topics in the areas of professional development, teaching and learning, educational leadership, and innovation in education.


Edupedia offers professional development training for teachers and leadership groups. The provided training and workshops are designed and implemented according to the latest in teaching and learning methodologies and strategies.

  • The Professional Teacher Program

Innovating teaching

This program is designed to help teachers, and those aspiring to be to professional, qualified educators. The four modules offer an enriching experience transforming your perception to teaching and learning, and allowing you to reach your full potential as a teacher, as well as move forward in your career.

Module 1: Change

Module 2: Design.. Act.. Reflect

Module 3: Assess

Module 4: Meet Challenges

  • Teaching Concept Driven Curriculums

This course adds the enthusiasm and challenge needed to your classroom. It provides teachers with a chance to turn any curriculum into a life-long learning experience.

  • Making Thinking Visible 

This course is based on Harvard University-project Zero Visible Thinking approach. It is based on using specific thinking routines that roots a culture of thinking in the class and the school.

  • The Professional Educational Leader Program

Leading Learning to Excellence

This is a course that equips instructional leaders with the needed skills and knowledge to be able to maintain quality education with all its challenges and demands.

  • Learning in the Early Years

What it takes to be an early childhood teacher

Children under the age of 6 years need teachers able to understand their needs, meet them, and guide them to begin their learning journeys. Teachers in nurseries and kindergarten question how can they play but be sure they attain the learning objectives? This course unravels the practices and strategies needed to perfectly balance these youngsters’ days in nurseries and schools.

  • Positive Discipline in the Classroom

The program designed to participants creating environments where young people are treated with respect, have the courage and excitement to love learning, and have the opportunity to learn the skills they need for a successful life.

  • Teaching Language or Teaching English as a Foreign Language Course

Language teachers require further preparation to be able to ensure fluent students who are able to use the language in real life context.

Through practical real life classroom experiences, this course equips language teachers to use the latest theories of the communicative approach in teaching languages.

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We offer individual teachers, leaders and administrators prime opportunities to join reputable educational associations and schools through joining our teachers pool.

Through our recruitment section, candidates are filtered and selected precisely to fit available vacancies.