Educational Institutions

  • Start up Schools and educational management models

aGrounded on years of experience in the educational market, edupedia is able to partner with investors. edupedia offers business and academic plans to support launching new unique educational institutions that can offer quality education and focus on students learning and growth.

  • School turnaround models

Through a strong belief in the importance of the continuous development, edupedia offers customized solutions for existing schools, and other educational institutions. Through identifying the priorities for development, and planning resource allocation, edupedia designs plans for structured improvement.

A set of different services is offered according to the needs of educational institutions.

  • Needs assessment is analyzing, and review of current processes, procedures of operations, academic strategies, and teaching methodologies. This thorough needs assessment provides the objectives for improvement, and action plan to follow.


  • Business consultation services focusing on market research and feasibility study, providing insights about the market, the new market segments and target groups of new educational services. Our team is able to provide brand identity, and marketing innovative ideas customized to the new identified market segments. They also offer premises foundation details recommendation for; school layout, classes distribution, administration offices, furniture required and facilities needed.
  • Recruitment services are offered through an exclusive hiring process executed by our team. The candidates go through levels of filtering and selection to ensure recommended candidates are the best in their fields.
  • Professional development (teacher training) is based on the assessment and the action plans set for each educational institution. Pre-set professional development packages and other customized trainings are offered to educators, educational leaders, and administrators. These development journeys are designed according to the requirements of different educational systems chosen by the educational entity.
  • Academic consultation

based on the set objectives and action plan for each educational entity. Consultations focus on assessing, improving, monitoring and evaluating students’ learning achievements. The advisory services guarantee ongoing improvement of educators and educational leaders.

  • Our teams offer educators’ support through planned Instructional Coaching and feedback designed to consolidate their learning in previous professional development and boost self-reflection and improvement. They also offer educational leaders tracks of of monitoring overall performances of teaching and learning, as well as maintaining a positive, encouraging, engaging school culture.Edupedia helps you to get a planned, purposeful, progressive, and systematic process to create positive improvements in the educational system.
  • Curriculum development and design are offered in the form of tailored curricula designed by our professional curriculum designers and academic specialists. With teaching and learning ever changing, new curriculum requirements appear. Curricula need to be updated and developed according to new expectations of the different educational systems.